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The Sister Study

Incident breast cancer

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First Breast Cancer Diagnosis (Any Type: LCIS, DCIS or Invasive)

For information on the first breast cancer diagnoses (LCIS, DCIS or invasive breast cancer) reported to the Sister Study as of the current data release: number and distribution by type (in situ/invasive, ductal/lobular), hormone receptor status, and stage at diagnosis, as well as selected characteristics of diagnosed participants, click here:

Breast Cancer Outcomes and Hormone Receptor Status as of DR 5

For breast cancer validation rates for previous data releases, click on the links below:

Breast Cancer Validation — Data Release 3

Breast Cancer Validation — Data Release 4

In addition, variables for the first DCIS/Invasive cancer diagnosis (i.e participant diagnosed with DCIS or invasive breast cancer may have a prior diagnosis of LCIS) and for the first invasive breast cancer are available for researcher use.









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